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Who We Are


Our Triad Unlimited team is comprised of Asset Management Practitioners who specialize in developing sustainable solutions customized to fit customer specific problems or initiatives. We serve a wide range of customers across various industries such as Agribusiness, Chemical, Facilities, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Power, and Transportation, among others. Each customer engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our Maintenance and Reliability expertise. We approach every project with a focus on integrity, clear communication, and on-time delivery.

What We Do


Triad Unlimited provides trusted and effective Asset Management solutions to our customers. Our Maintenance and Reliability services are organized within the framework of six key Management Systems that support Asset Management Optimization. These integrated systems consist of Governance, Life Cycle, Reliability, Spare Part, Work, and Calibration. Each of the Management Systems is made up of four core Functions that drive transformation throughout the day-to-day activities in support of Operational Excellence.

When We Engage


The Asset Management Road Map is a sequential implementation path, indicating the order in which Functions are typically developed and implemented when building an Asset Management Program. It also serves to identify Functions that require attention as a result of a gap analysis performed on existing Asset Management Programs. We can engage anywhere along the Asset Management journey, from complete program design and implementation that is either site specific or network wide, to closing specific program gaps. From new to existing construction, we cover all aspects of the program or individual asset.

Where We Focus


Each Function within the Management Systems contain requirements that are specifically focused on Process, People, Data, and Sustainability. These Implementation Mechanisms serve as the focal points of our consulting services. Process is the guiding methodology for how the Function will be performed. People represent the responsibility assignment and required training for each Process. Data is the information the People utilize to drive daily Process operation and decision making. Sustainability represents the metrics that measure Data to indicate Process health and standards which ensure performance repeatability of People.

Why It Matters


The Asset Management “Big Picture” includes Cost Performance, Investment Optimization, and Program Risk. The Cost Performance measures whether your current program cost is under, over, or optimal. The Investment Optimization depicts the importance of balancing your Capital and Operating Investments, and the interconnectivity of the two. The Program Risk measures the inherent ability of the business to successfully achieve safety, environment, quality, efficiency, and cost objectives. These items are critical to every organization and are optimized through a robust Asset Management Program.

How We Work


We utilize leading edge Asset Management technologies which enables us to deliver effective solutions, both remote and onsite, partnering with our customers for Asset Management Program development and implementation. The foundation of these technologies is our use of data analytics to drive decision making. We apply data analytics through cloud-based tools, a robust learning management system, and database development to equip our team members, and ultimately our customers, with accurate analyses and sustainable solutions.

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