LC1 | Asset Acquisition:  Ensure new assets are correctly specified, fully documented, and are maintainable in preparation to realize maximum useful life.
  • LC1.PR1 | Capital Projects:  Define the structure and requirements associated with a project.
  • LC1.PR2 | Asset Selection:  Define information necessary to design and operate the asset.
  • LC1.PR3 | Asset Design for Reliability:  Integrate design for reliability and total cost of ownership perspective into acquisition project design.
  • LC1.PR4 | Asset Turnover Package:  Define content and format of information provided for asset operation and maintenance.
LC2 | Asset Commissioning:  Test, commission, and turnover assets for operation.
  • LC2.PR1 | Factory Acceptance Testing:  Test and inspect system, facility, or software when fully fabricated and assembled prior to delivery.
  • LC2.PR2 | Site Acceptance Testing:  Review and approve system, facility, or software when installed in operating environment.
  • LC2.PR3 | Commissioning Protocols:  Validate assets and systems via installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ), and performance qualification (PQ).
  • LC2.PR4 | Turnover to Operations:  Define the conditions that permit an asset to be released for operations.
LC3 | Asset Operation:  Define operator care, performance monitoring, critical process parameters, and continuous improvement.
  • LC3.PR1 | Asset Operator Care and Training:  Define the types of care tasks operators can perform.
  • LC3.PR2 | Asset Performance Monitoring:  Collect data from assets to monitor asset health.
  • LC3.PR3 | Critical Process Parameters:  Identify attributes that must be monitored to detect deviations that could affect product quality.
  • LC3.PR4 | Asset Continuous Improvement:  Incorporate lessons learned and adjust processes to improve asset performance.
LC4 | Asset Disposal:  Assess asset health, asset useful life, asset obsolescence, and asset replacement.
  • LC4.PR1 | Asset State of Good Repair:  Assess assets in terms of their ability to continue to perform their intended functions over time.
  • LC4.PR2 | Asset Useful Life:  Establish priority of recapitalization investment relative to calculated criteria.
  • LC4.PR3 | Asset Obsolescence:  Evaluate availability of spare parts, hardware, software, and technical support.
  • LC4.PR4 | Asset Replacement:  Evaluate the cost of repair versus replacement over the asset life cycle.