GO1 | Leadership Support: Establish leadership of the Asset Management Program including communications, controls, risk management, and continuous improvement.

GO1.PR1 | Senior Leadership Involvement: Establish senior leadership roles, communications, and interactions with the asset management program.
GO1.PR2 | Asset Management Council: Establish a defined group that develops, reviews, and approves asset management policy, monitors performance, and makes key decisions.
GO1.PR3 | Risk Management: Identify, categorize, and administer asset management program performance measures and risk elements.
GO1.PR4 | Tactical Improvement: Establish a road map to address identified asset management program gaps to ensure program effectiveness and efficiency.

GO2 | Change Management: Administer, prepare, manage, and reinforce change management.

GO2.PR1 | Administration: Establish governance and administration of change management.
GO2.PR2 | Preparing: Establish scope of the change management project, project team organization, and obtain sponsorship.
GO2.PR3 | Managing: Develop and implement change management plans.
GO2.PR4 | Reinforcing: Collect and diagnose change management feedback and use feedback to promote continuous improvement of change management processes.

GO3 | Budget Management: Prepare and track asset management budget, report deviations, and determine asset life cycle cost.

GO3.PR1 | Budget Preparation: Establish process to prepare asset management budget.
GO3.PR2 | Budget Tracking: Establish process to track asset management budget performance.
GO3.PR3 | Budget Deviation Reporting: Establish process to report budget deviation.
GO3.PR4 | Asset Life Cycle Cost: Determine the cost of capital to design, procure, construct, install, operate, and retire an asset.

GO4 | ISO 55000 Alignment: Ensure the Asset Management Program is aligned with ISO 55000 guidelines.

GO4.PR1 | Context of the Organization and Leadership: Establish the organization’s mission, message, and leadership elements that support them.
GO4.PR2 | Planning: Establish focused asset management plans.
GO4.PR3 | Support and Operation: Establish personnel awareness of and compliance with asset management theory and process execution.