CA1 | Calibration Administration: Define rules for calibration program requirements, ensuring program compliance, use of contracted services, and instrument life cycle activities.

CA1.PR1 | Calibration Program Requirements: Establish program requirements and how they are administered.
CA1.PR2 | Calibration Program Compliance: Create checks and balances for program compliance.
CA1.PR3 | Calibration Contracted Services: Establish controls for alignment between service provider processes and internal program expectations.
CA1.PR4 | Instrument Life Cycle: Establish controls for replacing, reusing, quarantining, and disposing of instruments.

CA2 | Calibration Measurement: Define rules for measuring and test equipment specifications, traceability, certification, and storage.

CA2.PR1 | Measuring and Test Equipment Specifications: Create rules for measuring and test equipment accuracy, accuracy ratios, or test uncertainty ratios.
CA2.PR2 | Measuring and Test Equipment Traceability: Create guidelines for how local measuring and test equipment can be traced to governing standards.
CA2.PR3 | Measuring and Test Equipment Certification: Create guidelines for how local measuring and test equipment meet certification and conformance requirements.
CA2.PR4 | Measuring and Test Equipment Storage: Establish controlled storage of measuring and test equipment.

CA3 | Calibration Discrepancy: Establish methods for discrepancy trending, review, notification, and use of reverse traceability.

CA3.PR1 | Calibration Discrepancy Trending: Establish methods for trending out of tolerance or poor performing instruments.
CA3.PR2 | Calibration Discrepancy Review: Establish a calibration discrepancy review protocol.
CA3.PR3 | Calibration Discrepancy Notification: Establish a calibration discrepancy notification protocol.
CA3.PR4 | Calibration Discrepancy Reverse Traceability: Create guidelines for when and how to perform reverse traceability.

CA4 | Calibration Optimization: Develop calibration specifications, intervals, analytics, and verification guidelines.

CA4.PR1 | Calibration Specifications: Create rules for calibration accuracy, accuracy ratios, or test uncertainty ratios.
CA4.PR2 | Calibration Interval Decision Matrix: Apply rules to decide how often a calibration is to be executed.
CA4.PR3 | Calibration Advanced Analytics: Establish a method to proactively diagnose impending instrument problems.
CA4.PR4 | Calibration Verification: Create guidelines for verifying when calibration is required outside of set intervals.